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Welcome to the next wave in electrical energy production and solar hot water and space heating systems.  Renewable Energy Systems & Technologies, LLC (RES-TEC) was formed to provide state-of-the-art solutions to America’s renewable energy needs by providing reliable, cost-effective components and sub-systems, coupled with professional design and installation services for our residential and small business customers.

Our expert engineers and technicians are able to design and adapt our standard systems to individual site and environmental requirements, to meet your needs and budgetary constraints.

With annual double digit increases in electricity prices to the consumer, coupled with problems in the generation of electric power such as:

  • fuel shortages and spiraling costs
  • pollution problems like smog, CO2 emissions and acid rain
  • political and geographic problems (not-in-my-back-yard, for example nuclear power plants)
  • centralized production and government regulation
  • billions of dollars in government subsidies
  • significant electricity and heating fuel distribution problems such as:
    • old, overused grid capacity
    • widespread outages and rolling blackouts
    • security problems and terrorist acts
    • oil and natural gas fuel supply problems

It is only a matter of time before the current system becomes obsolete and inadequate. Renewable energy can be part of the solution to America’s energy needs while providing a secure, reliable, permanent and sustainable source of heat and electricity. RES-TEC is here to help you become your own electricity and thermal heat producer.

It’s the right thing to do. There has never been a better time to invest in solar power for your home or business. The price of oil and natural gas is going up; the cost of green energy is going down. Tax incentives on both the federal and state levels make converting to solar power affordable right now.

In summary, we are here to help our customers by providing:

  • Information about renewable energy system design and component requirements, so that you, the customer, can make intelligent, informed and cost-effective decisions about your energy needs. We’ll provide detailed information about producing and managing your own electrical production systems along with examples of several packaged systems that will show you what a typical RES-TEC system consists of and how much it costs.
  • The best available renewable energy components. RES-TEC purchasing technicians are constantly working with our network of distributors and suppliers to get the best prices on the best components in a rapidly evolving market. Additionally, we advise our clients of all available state and federal credits, tax rebates, and market conditions.
  • Professionally designed and specified electro-mechanical components and systems properly sized for the system that will work best for you and within your budget.
  • Reliable, competent installation, test, monitoring and maintenance services.

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